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Here we're providing the best links to websites where you should upload your Planking photos so the world of plankers can see!


Here are all listings with info about the best websites to upload your planking photos on!

Planking (Facebook)Edit

Planking is the official & authentic Planking group on Facebook, with over 333 thousand Likes, this makes Planking (Facebook) the largest Facebook group about Planking ever.

Uploading your photos here, will for sure give you the attention and credit you need & deserve! - with your name shown off everywhere from tags, to Facebook profile name.

Planking Australia (Facebook)Edit

Planking Australia on Facebook is (probably) the largest Facebook group ever in Australia about Planking on Facebook.

With hundreds of pictures of people showing off their planktastic photos already, this is the best place to be if you're a serious planker!

Become one of the plankers, and get the credit you deserve in the comment section at Facebook! and also of course, when you're uploading the photo, you're name will be proudly displayed both as the uploader & as a tag, so people really know that it's you that is planking!

PlankPointEdit is a dedicated social networking site for Plankers to share there planks with the world.

PlankPoint lets you:

  • Share your Planks online
  • Create a Personal Profile
  • Comment and connect with other Plankers
  • And More!

All For Free!!!

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